Four Galentine's Day Ideas

February 06, 2019

Four Galentine's Day Ideas

It is February which means lots of cheesy jewelry commercials and the grocery stores lined with bad boxes of chocolate. But then there is Galentine’s Day which is filled with time with your gal pals along with lots of bubbly, delicious food, and a side of stories you would only share with your closest girlfriends. At J. Leigh Events, we are big fans of Galentine’s Day and truth be told, I already have plans with my bestie for a girl’s day.

If you are planning a Galentine’s Day celebration with your favorite ladies, we have some ideas for you to take it to the next level. Of course, we have the perfect Party Perfected party box for your celebration and we promise you aren’t going to just see pink & red party supplies!

Spa Party

Photo by JJ Horton Photography

Last year a friend of mine threw a really unique and cool party for her birthday so all the credit goes to Simone for this Galentine’s Day party idea. She rented a cute Airbnb to host her party instead of hosting it in her place, it was a small one bedroom but it was absolutely perfect. I know I have mentioned this before but I think the idea is fun and brilliant; she and one of her friends had a charcuterie plate contest. Not only was it interactive but it was also one of the food elements for the party. She also had a local make-up artist come to the party as an added entertainment component. This party pairs perfectly with our fluorescent floral party box! You don’t need to hire a make-up artist to have a spa night in. Here are a few things you can do to have a Galentine’s Day Spa Party:

  • Flavored Water. In addition to your drink of choice have fruit or cucumber flavored water. A girl has to stay hydrated.
  • Warm towels. Did you know that you can warm towels in your crockpot? Take out your crockpot and pour about a cup of water into it, add several drops of your favorite essential oil , immerse rolled up facial cloths and turn its setting to the warming mode.  Just give them a second to cool before you pass them out to your guests.
  • Face masks. What spa party is complete without everyone wearing a face mask. The market is full of different options from clay masks to sheet mask with animal faces.
  • Body Scrub. If you want an additional activity to do with your ladies, why not make your own body scrub?

Galentine’s Day Brunch

I am a big fan of brunch! What is better than sleeping in on the weekend, rolling into a restaurant to have decadent breakfast foods with a side of something boozy? For Galentine’s Day why not host a brunch at your place? Don’t sweat it, you don’t have to do all the cooking. The best thing you can do for you and your sanity is to ask each girl to bring a different dish and a bottle of bubbly (or vodka if you have bloody Mary drinkers). If you order the rose gold and emerald party box, you cut out having to do loads of dishes. And this way all you have to concentrate on is making sure your place is guest ready and what dish you are going to make for the brunch. Why not set-up a super cute waffle bar?

Make Your Own Pizza Party 

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you know of someone who doesn’t love pizza -- you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. The great thing about a make your own pizza party - that everyone can be in charge of their own toppings. Have someone who is living that low carb life? Cauliflower pizza crust (which works for your gluten-free friends too)! Have everyone bring their preferred crust and toppings! You’ll have lots of pizzas to try and share. And of course, have everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine. For an optional activity have someone download the app Heads Up -- I promise you will have a lot of laughs! The make your own pizza party pairs perfectly with our rose gold and lavender party box.

Tea Party

If you have a daughter and you want her to have her own Galentine’s Day celebration -- then the unicorn party box would be the perfect way for her to celebrate with all of her BFFs with a rainbow tea party. Keep the girls entertained with a cookie decorating station - make plain sugar cookies in the shape of rainbows with pastel-colored frosting and sprinkles for them to use as decor. Instead of cucumber tea cakes why not make unicorn shaped sandwiches with a rainbow filling or use sprinkles in a cream cheese roll tea sandwich to make it fit for a unicorn! If you want to really take your tea party to the next level consider making this color changing lemonade!

We would love to hear about all of your Galentine's Day plans and ideas! Share in the comments or tag us on Instagram (@jleighevents).

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