13 Unique Shower Gifts for Every Couple

September 24, 2018

13 Unique Shower Gifts for Every Couple

We all want to be an obedient and compliant bridal shower attendee or wedding guest who graciously buy off the registry.

But sometimes that is just a bore. Especially, when you know the bride or groom extremely wel, and you want to give something a little extra to celebrate. With fall wedding season in full force J. Leigh Events decided we needed to pull together a list for unique shower/wedding gifts.

For Your Favorite Host

We all have the couple that loves hosting parties and get-togethers at their home. These gifts are for them. It will up their serving game and they will love you for it!


One of my favorite non-registered gifts was a tray and mini by Nora Fleming. I wasn’t familiar with this designer, but now I am a little obsessed. Nora Fleming designs plain white or wooden serving platters - no designs and a place for a mini. The mini is what really makes the piece.

What is a mini? It is a small design with a peg - it is a Christmas tree, it is a football, it is a pumpkin. You can order whatever your heart desires. It takes the plan serving platter and makes it a Christmas platter, a platter for your football watching party, or a piece for your Thanksgiving dinner. They even have boxes to store your minis because you’ll end up buying more than one! It is amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until last year. You may even be inspired to buy one for yourself.

Another great gift for your favorite host, is a personalized cutting board. Go to Etsy and type in personalized cutting board you’ll get a variety of options that will fit any kitchen and personality! If the couple has a lot of hometown/state pride you can always get them a cutting board in the shape of their favorite state

For Your Favorite Drinker

Whether you are buying for a wine drinker or enjoys a glass of good bourbon there are plenty of options for a unique wedding gift.

Kate Spade has several different His & Hers engraved glass options including beer, wine, and double old fashioned.

If you want to give a nice bottle of wine to the couple, but don’t want to put it in just a wine bag consider a engraved box. This single wine bottle box has the couples names and wedding date. Then there is this anniversary wine box with a bottle of wine for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th anniversary. This way the couple not only has this beautiful box from you but can celebrate with a beautiful bottle on their anniversary. Don’t know what kind of wine to get the happy couple, get them a subscription for a monthly wine delivery!

For Your Favorite Traveler

Some couples hit the road for mini weekend road trips and others hit the sky to fly around the world and explore different countries. All of these ideas will appeal to the couple that loves to travel.

West Elm has the most adorable city guides for your favorite traveler! With their new city guide, you can also give them a gift card to AirBnB so they gave find their favorite abode to stay in!


The couple may not be regular travelers, but they will most likely be going on a honeymoon. Find out where they are going and consider buying them a honeymoon excursion or treating them to a bottle of bubbly in their hotel room. If you really want to treat them consider upgrading the couple to 1st class on their honeymoon.

For The Couple That Has Everything

Sometimes you finally get to look at the registry and almost everything is gone. Whoops! There are a few great subscription box ideas for the couple that has everything and this way they’ll think of you fondly at least once a month.

  • ClassPass for the fitness buff couple so they can try different boutique fitness studios in your area!
  • Know a coffee snob? There is a subscription box for them, too! With access to 500+ fresh-roasted coffee delivered from 50+ artisan roasters, you will have one happy and caffeinated couple! Put the gift subscription in a new set of coffee cups.
  • What is better than a delivery of flowers? How about a delivery of flowers of every month. The subscription also allows the delivery to be gifted as well.
  • Know a couple that loves to cook, but they are also super busy? There are plenty of meal delivery services such as Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated. These boxes will help the couple eat well!
  • Don’t forget the couple’s furry friend! They will love you for loving their pet with this doggy subscription box, Bark Box.

I hope these unique ideas help you buy for your upcoming wedding. Just remember to keep the couple in mind when you are purchasing an item that isn’t on their registry.

A few things to remember:

  • Consider their home and if they have room for it.  
  • Consider their own personal style, don’t buy them a fluorescent abstract art piece if their home is more a traditional style.
  • If you are still drawing a blank on what to get them, cash is king! It is not tacky to give cash to a couple and it will always be appreciated.

We would love to hear what unique gifts you’ve purchased recently.

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