Back To School

August 10, 2018

Back To School

With every end, comes a new beginning. In this particular context, I’m talking about the end of summer, and the new beginning of the school year. (Kids probably aren’t ready - and parents are so ready.)

A new school often means earlier bedtimes, more traffic, nagging homework, and endless after-school activities. And then you wake up, and it’s next summer, and you realize that you’ve lost all track of time.

Sometimes birthdays and special occasions that happen right after school starts or right after Labor Day get the bum rush because we’re coming up the curve with a new school year.

J. Leigh Events wants you to get ahead of the stress with a game plan and tips to make sure you aren’t rolling parties and events this Fall with whatever you could find at Target the night before.

Plan ahead.

Instead of marking your calendar with just the party’s or the big event’s date and time, mark your event reminders in, too, all at the very same time. Set reminders one month, two weeks and the week of your event. Yes, this will prevent that “oh crap, the party is tomorrow” moment, but also it’ll help you keep an eye out for when you need to place orders or what the good prices and deals on supplies you know you’ll need.

Know your strengths.

It’s really okay if you’re not a British Baking Star. You don’t have to plan to make intricately-designed lion cupcakes if all you’ve ever made are cut & bake cookies. If you know you’re best-at-the-world at that guac and not-so-good at cupcakes, make the guac and buy the cupcakes. It’s really okay. You don’t get any cosmic points for trying to crush it - when you’ve never made it before.

Place your orders one month out.

Easy rule to just make an official habit - Order your supplies and goodies one month out. Ordering ahead of time will ensure that you get the bakery you want and the Pinterest-worthy supplies for your classroom party or birthday celebration. If you are one of those people who can make super awesome baked goodies in the kitchen, at the two-week mark make a list of how many kids, food allergies, and grocery list. Try to get as many non-perishable items as you can early so that you are not spending too much time at the store.

Party Supplies made simple. ‘Nuf said.  

Cupcakes and cookies are fun, but we are here for the party!

Party Perfected has five party themes that can be dropped off locally at your door within days of ordering. But if you don’t see a theme you want for your kid’s celebration, message us and we can create any theme you need to make their party dreams come true. Custom boxes can take up to a month to arrive, so put this on your reminder list for ordering!

Some personal recommendations…

Now, if you are like most and don’t have the time or the talent to make fancy cupcakes or cookies we have some Charlotte-local recommendations for you. Cake Me Away in Gastonia makes custom cupcakes and they can accommodate food allergies. Best of all - they deliver!

Another J. Leigh Events local favorite is Hey Sugar Shop. They make amazing custom cookies and truffles. And guess what? They deliver, too! Both of these bakeries can match any of our party box themes so your party won’t be a #PinterestFail!

Don’t let this school year stress you out. Plan ahead and be ready for it.  That’ll make the party even more enjoyable.

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