Beer Me

August 07, 2020

Beer Me

Today, is National Beer Day and I am excited to have Chrissie Nelson Rotko as our guest blogger today. Chrissie is the creator of Off The Eaten Path (a personal favorite) and the author of Stunning SpreadsShe is not only a blogger and author but her day job is a public defender -- which I think is super cool that she does both! Chrissie is a long time friend and client of J. Leigh Events, which makes it extra special to have her doing today's blog post. Before you read today's post, I'd love if you'd go give her a follow on Instagram


Happy National Beer Day!

My husband and I drink a lot of beer. We love sipping directly from the source at local Charlotte craft breweries, and we always try to make sure to work in some brewery visits when we travel. 

AJ doesn’t discriminate when it comes to beer; he’s a homebrewer (and has been brewing his own beer for almost 10 years!) who loves trying new things and just loves beer. I, on the other hand, have come a long way from my liquor drinking college days, and love sipping on local sours, saisons and in the winter, stouts and porters (but I am also an adventurous beer drinker and love getting flights to sample new things!)

So if you're beer lovers like us, or maybe your new to craft beer and want to try something new, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of our favorite beer and party food appetizer pairings. You can use this post as a guide when planning a party for yourself or your favorite beer drinkers!

Make: Aunt Julie's Pepperoni Bread (it's like a rolled up slice of pizza goodness dipped in marinara sauce!) and pair it with Brasserie DuPont's Saison DuPont. For the classic flavors of pizza you need a beer that can truly pair with anything and a classic Saison is the ticket.

Make: Beer Cheese Fondue (because everything tastes better dipped in cheese and why not just drink beer but also cook with beer) and pair it with NoDa Brewing's Hop, Drop and Roll. Beer and cheese is a classic combo and you need a beer that has the carbonation and crispness to cut through that ooey gooey cheese.

Make: Crock Pot Buffalo Turkey Meatballs (the same flavor as wings, but less messy!) and pair them with Lynnwood Brewing Concern's Mosaic Pale Ale. You want to enjoy a beer that won't be overpowered by the punch of hot buffalo a pale ale will deliver on taste and also compliment the brightness, heat and acidity of the dish.

Make: Roasted Jalapeno Poppers (Off the Eaten Path's most popular recipe!) and pair it with Birdsong Brewing's Mexicali Stout, which will be the perfect dance partner to the peppers' spicy, cheesy combo.

Make: Simple Guacamole (so easy, so delish, and popular at every party!) and pair it with Sierra Nevada Brewing's Otra Vez Lime and Agave Gose. Things from the same place tend to go together...guac is a staple of Mexican cuisine and margaritas are the drink of choice when eating Mexican so it only makes sense to pair the dish with a beer evocative of a margarita. 

Make: Jalapeno Pimento Cheese (the caviar of the South!) and pair it with Aecht Schlenkerla Weizen Rauchbier (yes that's a mouthful!) This smoked beer will compliment not only the smokiness of the bacon but the spice in the jalapenos with every sip.

A lot of these beers you can find at local Charlotte breweries and bottle shops, but if you can’t find the specific beer mentioned in the post, try to buy something that’s a similar style.



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