Christmas in July? Three Simple Ways to Start Planning Your Corporate, Holiday Party Now

July 27, 2018

Christmas in July? Three Simple Ways to Start Planning Your Corporate, Holiday Party Now

Reality check - did you know that we are only 127 days away from December 1? As hard as it is to start planning for the holidays - or even start thinking about them - when you are wiping 100-degree-summer-sweat from your brow, the truth is there’s no better time to start planning your holiday party. And here’s why - before you know it, it is going to be the end of September, and you’ll be scrambling to find vendors and venues available for the big holiday party.

Don’t get overwhelmed; here are some three smart and strategic tips to start planning your holiday party now.

Pick your date.
Talk to your team and decide when you want to celebrate the holiday together - either as a team or with your clients. Something to think about: There are only three Fridays in the month of December and those Fridays get booked fast. (If they aren’t booked already.) No one wants to host (or attend) their holiday party at the office on a Tuesday afternoon because everything else was booked. Plan early, and pick a date now.

Book your vendors.
Once you have your date, find your venue and/or vendors. You don’t have to have all of the details worked out in July, but booking them now will ensure they are available for the date you and your office would like to celebrate. I spoke with Madison Baker of Queen City Catering (who I highly recommend using for your next event, like your holiday party - wink!) and asked her how quickly they book for the holiday season so you could get a real idea from a popular vendor.

“Our team has been very fortunate to foster long-lasting, repeat relationships within the Charlotte community, so a lot of the annual holiday events we cater, book immediately after their last one to secure the date,” she said recently. “In addition to Fridays and Saturdays, we are also seeing a large increase in Thursday night corporate events.”

Take a deep breath and plan.
The beauty of getting your holiday party on the books early is that it gives you plenty of time to get creative. And, let’s be honest - no one can be creative or original when you are scrambling last minute during the holidays, and crossing-your-fingers-praying that the next vendor you contact is available. Between the rush of the holidays, the end of the year both personally and professionally, and just getting your normal everyday tasks done, adding a holiday party is stressful. And it should be fun. By hiring your vendors ahead of time, you will be able to take a deep breath, relax, plan, and then actually enjoy this year's holiday celebration rather than wishing you didn't have a company party.

Lucky for you, I love planning holiday celebrations for families and companies. So, pick your date, and then give me a call to handle the rest. Then you’ll truly be able to enjoy the party with people you love and appreciate.

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