Eat, Drink, and Be Scary: How to Throw a Killer Halloween Party

October 15, 2018

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary: How to Throw a Killer Halloween Party

It is officially October which means it is time for pumpkins, PSLs, corn mazes, scary movies, and candy corn. It’s also time to eat, drink, and be scary - it’s Halloween party time!

Let’s get real - You know J. Leigh Events loves a good theme and good reason to throw a party.

So, what is better than a ‘boo’-tiful Halloween party?

We’ve got some really spooky ideas for you to take your October gathering to the next level.

Haunted House

Lighting is an easy and cost-effective ways to transform your living space for a Halloween party. Buy colored light bulbs or black lights. There are now even LED light bulbs that you change into 120 different colors - talk about possibilities! Another level of lighting you can add are candles.  Now, if lots of little candles (aka - potential fire hazards) in your home plus a lot of people gives you heebie-jeebies (I don’t blame you!) then faux candles are for you. They are really great because you don’t have to worry about candle wax, anything catching fire, your candles being re-lit. The best part -- you can continually reuse them!

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Now that you have your lighting plan, let’s upgrade that with some props. Get old sheets and drape them over the ceiling to add an effect of depth to you the room. Another idea is to add spider webbing as decor. Two benefits to spider webbing: it is cheap and you can put it everywhere. Bonus Boo: Did you know that they sell glow-in-the-dark spider webs?

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Here’s a trick: If you decided to go with black lights then you should definitely do the liquid laundry detergent trick. Because of the phosphors in the detergent, it will glow under the black light! It is a great way to put up messages on doors or make decor items look like they are dripping with liquid.

A more expensive - and way cool - trick: Add a fog machine or dry ice! Either option will surely impress your friends the second they walk in the door.

A real treat: We highly recommend hitting up your local dollar store. You will be surprised at how many party items you can find including Halloween themed caution tape, plastic bones, skulls and eyeballs, balloons and, of, course candy - and - the real treat - you’ll save money.

Ghoulish Grub

We want to make sure that your food spread  is just as spook-tacular as your home. We’ve got some real ‘treats’ for you.

You always need a few munchy treats on a buffet, something that is easy for people to grab and snack on. Try this green monster popcorn, it is an easy salty-sweet treat that won’t last through the night. Or you could make a halloween themed muddy buddies, which is always a fan favorite.

Then there are these jalapeno popper mummies that are probably more cute than scary but who can resist a jalapeno popper wrapped in bacon? Maybe you want something a little less spicy, then you should try these meatball mummies. Everyone loves a good deviled egg and we’ve got the recipe for one that is just plain rotten.

And what spread is complete without cheese? And why just serve a cheese ball when you can serve a pumpkin shaped cheese ball! Or you can try your hand at a flayed man cheese ball to really creep out your guests.

For dessert some witches’ finger cookies and red velvet hot chocolate for some bloody sugary goodness. If you want to really try your hand at a bloody spattered dessert then you should really make these bloody-spattered petit fours!

With all of these gruesome eats you are going to need to serve them on something just as terrifying. J. Leigh Events has you covered with our killer Halloween party supplies.

Liquid Poison

Don’t go all out on the buffet - and then only have bottles of wine and beer. (What a trick!)

There are so many amazing cocktails and ways to serve them that will make your guests question what they are drinking. A really simple way to spook your guests is to freeze a glove and put it in your punch as a floating hand of ice. You can also add some food coloring and gummy worms or plastic spiders to an ice tray. You can also add those plastic eyes from the dollar store to your punch bowl!

If you love a good margarita, but you want it to look like sludge rather than a summery-treat, try this black magic margarita. With the pumpkin craze of fall, you should definitely indulge with this hard cider pumpkin float, it is a cocktail + dessert -- what could be better! And what is a wicked good party without some candy corn shots?! Talk about treats, right?

Now, here’s to the ghoul times - go have fun, and share your favorite Halloween tricks and treats with us!

For more ideas (including some wicked playlists) be sure to check out our Halloween board on Pinterest!

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