Event Recap: Pimento Party

May 13, 2019

Event Recap: Pimento Party

If you live in the south, it’s just not a party unless there’s pimento cheese.

And if you’re re-adding a favorite Spicy Pimento Cheese BLT Pizza to your menu, you have a whole party for it.

Brixx Pizza, a Charlotte-based business with over 30 locations in the southeast, did just that. In early May they added a 3-Pepper Pimento Cheese back onto their menu and had a pimento cheese party to spread the word and invite people into one of their Charlotte locations to try it all.

The pimento cheese includes chipotle, jalapeno and roasted red pepper in addition to gouda, cheddar and cream cheese. For a limited time on their menu, you can order it as a cheese dip with tortilla chips or on top of a BLT pizza topped with Caesar-dressed romaine, diced tomatoes, bacon, red onions and red peppers.

When Brixx approached me about planning a party for their pimento cheese, I was all in. Pimento cheese is a favorite in the Carolinas and I love it as well.

The party included a selfie station so we could encourage attendees to spread the word in a fun way. With it we encouraged people to tag Brixx Pizza on social so they could share it, but selfie stations are also a great way to have your party-goers market to their friends for you.

We also had mini-pins that said “Powered by Pimento” on them (I mean come on, how cute!) and gave out drink tickets so attendees could try two beers or cocktails made by Brixx.

One of the highlights, though, was the make-your-own-pimento bar, which invited people into the process and allowed them to take some of the pimento cheese home. Attendees were able to make their pimento cheese buffalo chicken style, spicy with sriracha sauce, or smoky with bacon and chipotle peppers.

The party was a total success. About 40 people attended, and nearly all of them stayed for several hours versus just stopping in for a moment to see what was going on.

Overall, I highly recommend a party like this if your restaurant or business is releasing a new product. It was a ton of fun and the people of Charlotte loved everything we did.

Plus, the pimento cheese was delicious. I still have some at home I’ve been snacking on - another good reason food parties are always the best parties!

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