Everything you need to understand before planning a concert series

June 09, 2022

Everything you need to understand before planning a concert series

A rockstar concert series aims to entertain a specific audience through live music and engaging experiences. Planning a concert series requires lots of preliminary preparation. Since a concert series has multiple dates, moving parts, and features, there are some things you’ll want to consider before going total volume. J. Leigh Events shares everything you need to understand before planning a concert series with outstanding performances!

Creating a program and finding entertainment

First, find the right location for your concert series and choose dates with little competition. Typically, you’ll want the dates to fall on the same days of the week. For example, your concert series date might be every first Thursday night from April to June or Sundays. A fun idea for creating impact is to give each concert a unique feature to support a singular theme. For example, if the article is “amplify local businesses,” you might create a cash rewards program where people get $5 vouchers for later purchases for every $50 spent. Another idea for creating a concert series program is to consider making the first and last concerts memorable in some way - either special guests, vendors, or offerings (buy one ticket, get one ticket free). Essentially, try to stand out among the competition by creating a unique program for your event.

If you have a specific entertainer in mind, ask for their pricing and availability to secure your date. If you promote your dates first, you might not be able to find entertainers for that date or type of event. Some planners prefer to announce their concert dates after finding suitable entertainers. So, find entertainment by connecting with local producers and talent managers, or search social media for #localmusic.

concert series seating

Concert series experience

A community concert series usually invites people from the surrounding area to experience different music or artists at one location. A regular show typically repeats the same performance(s) on the date in other places. There are certain things to understand about creating a community concert series experience.

Staging, sound, and seating

Rent staging equipment for the location if it does not have a stage. Your audience will likely bring lawn chairs or blankets. So, place the concert stage in front of an open area where people can comfortably sit and set up. Also, work with a reliable AV/sound company to ensure the music is loud enough for the audience.


Choose vendors that appeal to your audience. The necessities for music and sound take up most of your budget, so you could sell vendor booths so local businesses can be involved in the concert series. If your throwing a family-friendly concert series, have lots of food, treats, and gaming vendors. Or, if you have a crowd of mostly adults, reach out to some coffee, cocktail, beer, or wine trucks to provide some good-time libations.

concert series vendors

Promoting a concert series

Finally, understand what goes into promoting your concert series. Create a social media and public relations strategy to get the details about your event out to the general public. Promoting a concert series is a lot of work, so Assigning a specific person or group to handle promotions is probably better. Also, invest in an excellent photographer and videographer to capture moments to turn into promotional content to share on social media.

Planning a concert series in Charlotte, NC

J. Leigh Events works with Waverly Shopping Center and other brands to plan concerts in Charlotte, NC. Contact our team at hello@j-leigh.com to learn more about planning a concert series nearby. Check out the 2022 Waverly “Tunes on the Terrace” Series from June to August here.

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