Hello 35

May 23, 2019

Hello 35

Happy birthday to…. Me!

Today I turn 35 years young and, of course, you know I’ll take any opportunity to celebrate. This weekend I’ll be living it up in D.C. with my husband as we celebrate with museums, delicious restaurants and hopefully a little rest and relaxation.

But first, I’m taking a moment to reflect - both on my life so far, but also one of the things I’m most proud of: my business.

I started J. Leigh Events just 6 years ago as a side gig to the desk job I worked for a law firm. Before that I worked for a church and was responsible for planning church-wide events, which is how I found out I loved event planning. I started to miss it at the law firm I worked for, and decided to do it myself part-time.

It is absolutely crazy to me that my little side business to make some extra cash has turned into what it is today. This year is the biggest one yet with more and larger events than ever before. Some days it leaves me a little awestruck.

Already we’re in the beginning stages of planning Camp North End’s Next Plate 2.0 Series for the fall after having such a successful first round. It’s events and organizations like these that made me want to be an event planner in the first place, so it’s a dream come true to plan these types of things.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. It’s time to celebrate, so here are a few fun things you should know about me, Jennifer Leigh.

  1. If I could shop at any one store for the rest of my life, it would have to be T.J.Maxx. You can literally get anything there. Any place I can walk out with a snack and a new outfit is a good place in my opinion.
  2. A few of my favorites: I’ve been loving Paloma ever since I tried it at the second week of the Next Plate Series (learn about that here), my favorite show to binge lately has been Black-ish and I’m obsessed with my new PINK Nike Air Force 1s. I’ve been wearing them everywhere lately - pink is definitely my color.
  3. My perfect Saturday involves sleeping in (hopefully!) and then exploring the city of Charlotte. I love living here and even after years of exploring, there’s still new things to do and try.
  4. If I had to pick between laughing or crying uncontrollably for the rest of my life, I’d definitely choose laughing. I absolutely love to laugh.
  5. My go-to fashion mark no matter what is a pop of color - usually with shoes or accessories like my earrings. Even if I’m wearing all black, I need a bright bit of color in my outfit.
  6. I can watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail a million times in a row and not get sick of it. Same with The Princess Bride - I could watch that one as many times as you wish ;)
  7. If I could have any animal for a pet outside of my beloved dog, Callie, it would be a goat. They’re so cute, and we wouldn’t have to weed.
  8. If anyone could narrate my life, it would be Reese Witherspoon, mostly because I want to be best friends with her. She’s incredibly down to earth and seems like she’d be so much fun to hang out with.
  9. If I ever own a boat, I’d name it the Mr. Beaumont (name that TV reference!)
  10. Finally, I’m an incredibly talented individual in the most important aspects of life: I can pick up things with my toes, I can whistle and sound like an actual bird cooing, and much like Marshall in How I Met Your Mother, I make up songs about everything and sing them all the time. I’ve got around 5 at-home hits.

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