How to Throw a Memorable, But Totally-Last-Minute End-of-Summer Party

How to Throw a Memorable, But Totally-Last-Minute End-of-Summer Party

We hate to admit it - #summer18 is almost over. (How did that happen so fast?!)

These final weeks (or more so - weekends) of summer are great opportunities to plan one last bash to get the most out of this warm weather, longer days, and easy-going attitudes.  

So, let’s get to planning this party!

There are a million creative ideas for a summer party. So, I’ll do the heavy brainstorming, and help you to narrow the list with some fun, fresh ideas for that final farewell to summer.

Bonus - I’m also including a sample menu with drinks you’ll guests will talk about all year long.

Pool Party - Do you have access to a pool? That is the perfect venue to host your party, people will love you for allowing them a way to cool themselves down on a hot southern summer day.

Menu: Think about light foods that are easy to eat gracefully with your hands. No one looks cool eating pizza in a swimsuit around a group of people.

Here are a few items you could offer your guests:

Drinks: Be sure to have lots of cool, fresh water available for your guests in addition to other drink items. If you don’t want to be responsible for everyone’s booze, offer one cocktail and make it BYOB for the rest.

Extras: Don’t forget to have a few extra beach towels on hand, sunscreen, and floats. Not everyone comes prepared and you don’t want anyone leaving your party bright red.

Backyard BBQ - The best part about a backyard party is that you are not limited to the space of your house - you can cook and entertain outside, too. I would recommend starting this party later in the day when it is a bit cooler and your guests aren’t roasting like hot dogs.

Menu: This is the perfect time to show off your BBQ skills and cook something slow and low, if that is what you are into. If not that’s okay stick to the classics.

  • Build your own hamburger or hotdog. Everyone loves a grilled hamburger or hotdog, just be sure to offer an option for any of your friends that may not eat meat.
  • Corn on the cob.
  • Coleslaw as a side or for the topping of your burgers.
  • Watermelon, it isn’t a backyard party without watermelon. Make sure you have a salt shaker nearby.

Drinks: I love a Coca-Cola on a hot summer day while eating a hamburger or hot dog. And yes, I am a purist no Pepsi for this girl. Consider having lemonade on hand as well as water for your guests.

Extras: Make sure you have enough seating for all of your guests. If you have a pop-up tent that would be a great item to add to your backyard to give your guests some shade or to even put the food underneath so it isn’t sitting out in the sun. Finally, make sure you have some backyard games! Everyone loves to play cornhole with a beer in their hand.

Boho Fiesta -  What is better than a party with tacos and llama decor?! Uh, nothing.

The best thing about a fiesta party you can really do it any time of the year but it really lends itself to summertime with its bright colors and food options.

Menu: There are so many different directions you can go when it comes to this party. You can take this party outside and make grilled meat (chicken, steak or fish) and do a taco bar. Skip the tortillas and do taco bowls with a rice base. The possibilities are endless.

Drinks: It’s sacrilegious to host a fiesta without a tequila-based cocktail!  I guess you could, but who would want to? This is also a great time to visit your local Mexican market/grocery store and buy Mexican coke or other bottled drinks that you can’t find at your everyday grocery store.

Extras: The extras for your next boho fiesta party are super easy because we’ve got you taken care of at J. Leigh Events with the Boho Fiesta party box. Everything you need for your party delivered to your doorway, and that includes the mini llama pinata.  

We would love to see how you are celebrating the end of summer. Post your pictures on our Facebook page!

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