5 Things to Know About J. Leigh Event’s Founder & Creative Director

April 17, 2018

5 Things to Know About J. Leigh Event’s Founder & Creative Director

J. Leigh Events, a full-service, event planning company based in Charlotte, NC, is owned and managed by the one and only Jennifer Bishop. (Just call her Jen.)

Here are five things to know about Jen:

1. Jen founded J. Leigh Events five years ago. Funny enough - she never saw a career in events coming. She was working as an Administrative Assistant at the time; event planning requests started to come to her. She was open and eager to try it.

“I never thought about event planning before then - and then it just kind of fell in my lap; I ended up falling in love with it while at my job,” she said in a recent interview.

2. Today, she offers to clients a variety of comprehensive packages and services that guarantee event planning, management, and execution - but she’s more concerned about offering clients a well-run, memorable, and stress-free experience.

3. She’s been in this business for approximately 15 years; she planned events that range from large-scale corporate or community events to intimate bridal showers and birthday parties.

4. She’s a punctual and prudent Type-A personality who loves timelines, details and controlling the chaos. ‘Nuf said.

4. What’s she over-the-moon excited about these days? Two words - Party Perfected.

5. J. Leigh’s Party Perfected just might be party simplicity and branding at its finest - all your party needs in one box as well as a guide written by Bishop herself to help the party planner recreate trendy party looks we gush over via Pinterest or IG. Best news ever? Party boxes and add-ons are available right now.

(Okay, we lied - one more.)

6. Why does Jen do what she does? “There’s just nothing like seeing an event’s end result, but more importantly - being able to see just how much fun people are having at an event together,” she notes . < Insert praise hands here. >

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