Meet the Dogs of J. Leigh Events

July 31, 2020

Meet the Dogs of J. Leigh Events

If you're new around J. Leigh Events, there's one big thing you need to know: We love dogs. 

It's not a requirement that you be a dog owner to be a part of the team here, but somehow we've gotten lucky and that's just how it's happened. And it's a good thing too - because let's be real, if you don't like dogs, there's a good chance I can't trust you. Who doesn't like dogs?!

National Mutt Day is July 31, so we wanted to take today to introduce you to the pups that keep us going here. Without them, we'd definitely be lost. Without further ado, let's bring out the dogs! 


Meet Callie, the dog that our owner, Jennifer Bishop, belongs to. Here are a couple of fast facts about her: 
  • Callie was adopted in August 2009. Adopt; don't shop, friends!  
  • Her favorite activity is sunbathing in the backyard. She also loves a good nap on a cozy pillow or couch 
  • Snacks are her thing! (Same, Callie, same.)
  • Jennifer loves to watch her snooze. She's just so cute when she does it. 
  • The best word to describe her personality is sweet.
  • Her nicknames are Sweet Girl and Callie Q

Heathcliff & Rylee Rae

These two cutie pies help keep watch over Samantha. Heathcliff is on the left here and Rylee on the right. Here are some tidbits about these adorable pooches: 

  • Both are adopted/rescues! Heathcliff came into Sam's life in December 2014 and Rylee came in October 2015. 
  • Heath loves swimming and is super good at it while Rylee loves to eat. Pure and simple. 
  • Despite Heathcliff's big size, his bark is a puppy bark that makes Sam go "awwwwww" no matter how many times she hears it. Rylee is the cuddle buddy of the group and is a great little spoon. 
  • Heath's personality can best be described as devoted while Rylee is just plain old happy. 
  • Heath's nickname is Bubba and Rylie also goes by Girlie. 

Taco & Goliath 

Taco and Goliath help keep our writer Alyssa in line. Full disclosure: Goliath on the right is technically a full-bread Lhasa Apso, but he was rescued from a bad situation and he's cute, so we'll still celebrate him on National Mutt Day. Here are some fun facts: 
  • Goliath came into Alyssa's life in 2007 or 2008. It was so long ago, she can't quite remember. She rescued Taco in June 2017.
  • Taco's favorite thing in the world is to go for walks. Goliath is the exact opposite, and loves a good nap that lasts all day. 
  • Taco is the cuddler and will get as close as possible to you, especially when he can tell you don't feel well or are sad. Meanwhile, Goliath's tongue always sticks out because it's too big, and it's just the cutest darn thing.
  • One word to describe Taco's personality is rambunctious. Goliath is grumpy (toward anyone other than his mom and dad). 
  • Taco's nicknames are Tacocito, Taco Bell, Mr. Bell, and Mr. Taco. Goliath is rarely called by his first name, and usually goes by Pup, Puppy, Pupper, and Mr. Pup. 


Now we would love to hear about the pups in your life! 

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