Sustainability events in Charlotte, NC

June 21, 2022

Sustainability events in Charlotte, NC

Sustainability events are trending in Charlotte, NC, and worldwide. With a greater understanding of our environmental impact, we can consciously make eco-friendly choices in our daily lives and memorable occasions. So, we’re planting the seeds for sustainable events in Queen City, so Mother Nature can wear her rightful crown to the party. Let’s talk about celebrating sustainability, eco-friendly vendors for events, and how J. Leigh Events can help you plan your next sustainable event in Charlotte, NC.

Celebrating sustainably

It’s so much fun gathering people for small or massive events to enjoy food, decor, and ambiance! Everyone loves a great party or conference, but it’s not always great to witness the aftermath of waste, littering, and energy consumption when everyone comes together. Ultimately, Mother Earth is THE event space we’re all using to celebrate life. So, it’s vital to think “green” when planning your events. 

Controlling waste

Make a request or announcement to be mindful of how and where attendees dispose of things during the event. One way to control waste at your event is to partner with recycling and composting companies to handle plastic, paper, metal, glass, and organic waste. Ensure the bins are easy to access for your guests with instructions on adequately disposing of trash and food. ♻️

Eco-friendly vendors

Another way to create an environmentally conscious event is to use eco-friendly materials and vendors. Use compostable eating utensils and plate ware. Use a water station instead of handing out water bottles. Try finding a plant-based catering company. You could also work with an eco-friendly decor brand, like The Savage Way, which creates clean graffiti and moss art. 💚

Use clean energy to power your event.

Use less energy during your events by reducing the electricity, water, and gas required to get things going. Choose handwashing stations with rainwater. Also, consider using biofuel, hybrid, or solar energy to power your equipment. 

Decrease your guest list and reduce travelers

The easiest way to make your event more environmentally friendly is to decrease the number of people who can attend live. Have a smaller guest list for the live portion of your event, and create a virtual option for people further away. Doing so decreases the amount of travel fuel, waste, and energy that goes back into the ecosystem.

Sustainable event planners

J. Leigh Events helps plan sustainable events in Charlotte, NC. Recently, we worked with the Charlotte Sustainability Awards, which honored organizations making eco-friendly improvements and impacting our community. If you’re looking for sustainable event planners to guide you through “going green while having fun,” contact J. Leigh Events for more information!


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