Upgrade Your Easter Celebration

March 22, 2019

Upgrade Your Easter Celebration

Maybe it’s my love for all pastel colors or the fact that cute bunnies are attached, but I love celebrating Easter.

Of course, spending time with family and going to church is a big part of the day, but I like to go even beyond that. If there’s a reason to celebrate, you can assume I’ll be throwing a party. Of course, I’ve got your back - here you’ll find a few ideas to help you celebrate in style.

And don’t worry; even if some of these ideas seem basic, I’ve got ways you can spruce them up to make your Easter celebration stand out.

Waffle Station Easter Brunch

Okay, so an Easter brunch isn’t exactly unheard of, but there are a few ways you can take yours up a notch. In the words of the great Leslie Knope, we have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles and work. You can skip the work since it’s a holiday, but pile on some extra waffles to make up for it.

If you don’t already have a waffle maker, you can easily get a mini one from Target for around $10. Then your friends and family can create a delicious waffle with whatever fruit, chocolate chips and toppings they want. Couple this with your own custom Easter Party Perfected box to stay on theme with Easter bunny plates and pastel straws for your OJ and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy meal.


Fondue Easter Dinner

Ham for Easter dinner? How about we fon-don’t. Switch it up with a fun fondue party - if you don’t have the materials, most fondue sets run around $40 and will have everything you need. Another option: check with your friends. Some may have a set you can borrow!

Nothing says Easter quite like dipping a Peep in some chocolate - yum! Take it to the next level by creating your own Easter Party Perfected box with a grass table runner, pastel-colored pom poms and spring-themed napkins.

Kids’ Easter Craft Party

This idea is perfect if you’re hosting a lot of kids for your Easter party. There are so many fun Easter crafts you can do with kids of all ages - from the traditional Easter egg coloring to bunny bookmarks (a video tutorial on that here).

You can order a custom Party Perfected Easter Box with cute, pastel bags for them to bring their crafts home or a vinyl bunny footprint floor clings to make a fun scavenger hunt around your house.

Easter Egg Hunt

I know, this seems like an obvious idea, but you truly can’t go wrong with a good old Easter Egg Hunt to celebrate the day, whether your party is for kids or adults. You can change things up a bit by hiding things other than candy in the eggs: Easter stickers, small trinkets from the Dollar Store, money and even alcoholic shooters for adults.

Let everyone know where to go for your Easter Egg Hunt with some cute yard signs, Easter-themed balloons or a themed banner to be hung on your house - all of which can be pre-ordered through a custom Party Perfected box!

I’d love to hear what you’re doing differently to celebrate Easter this year. Comment below with the twist you’re putting on your Easter party or tag @jleighevents on Instagram so we can see!

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