Halloween Office Ideas: Parties, Costumes, and Decor that Work

Halloween Office Ideas: Parties, Costumes, and Decor that Work

We’re sharing our latest Halloween office ideas for parties, costumes, and decorations to bring joy to the ghouls and goblins at the workplace. In the spirit of dressing up for something other than success, you might be brewing up something spooky, scary, or fun for the team, but how do you make it work? 

Halloween Office Ideas

Throw a Halloween party at the office that doesn’t “suck ze life” out of your workday by choosing the right time of day and theme. If you throw a low-key party during regular business hours, have the party at the end of the day and keep things simple. If you throw a more extravagant party lasting more than a couple of hours, choose a party time outside of regular business hours.

Halloween Office Ideas During Business Hours

If you’re looking for fun and low-key Halloween office ideas, focus on snacks, games, and easy Halloween office decorations. Also, choose an open area, like a large conference room or reception area where people can comfortably mingle away from their desks.

Simply Spooky Snacks, Games, and Décor

Halloween office decor

For snacking and appetizers, keep everything easy to serve. Some popular trends include individual pies, cakes, charcuterie boards or cones, and crafted cocktails. Here are some great ones to try:

halloween office ideas babe and butcher

Now, let’s talk about games! Since the party is only an hour or two - choose a couple of Halloween office games to keep the party vibes free-flowing. Let everyone paint their mini-pumpkin and have a contest on the best one. This year, nix the office Halloween costumes to avoid the hassle. Instead, try a mummy contest where teams choose a person to “mummify” by wrapping them in toilet paper - whichever team completely covers their mummy first wins! For ambiance, throw on a Halloween-themed playlist, and bust out the fun.

Decorate the office and bathrooms with spooky fall decor, but go for a simple scheme. Carefully placed spider webs, pumpkins, LED candles, plastic spiders, and candy-filled skull heads transform offices from work to play. 

Are you looking for more office Halloween decor ideas? Check out this video where Jennifer Bishop gives easy, affordable tips on decorating for Halloween.

Halloween Office Parties After Business Hours

You might want to go all out for the crew this year, and we’re here for it. Here’s a tip: Try a daytime, outdoor party! A tented Halloween picnic is the perfect way to throw a big party that’s COVID-safe and fun after business hours. Each guest arrives and sits with a few other co-workers at a picnic table or blanket with a basket full of goodies. Hire a bartender to serve crafted cocktails for everyone, or fill the baskets with cocktail kits so each person can create their own.

jen bishop halloween office decor

For indoor events, set up Halloween-themed stations, like a mask decoration station with a selection of fabric masks, fake blood, and fabric markers, where people can decorate scary masks to take home! Or, turn it into a contest. For fun activities, try a mini-maze with frightening features and great photo ops. And, don’t forget the music. Ask the DJ or entertainers to dress up as ghosts, gremlins, vampires, or zombies to set the tone for every song. 

J. Leigh Events 2021 Tips for Halloween Office Parties
*Keep it simple (with easy to serve treats, like this Halloween box)*
*Focus on snacks, contests, games, and decorations*
*Try a daytime, outdoor party for events outside business hours for the best turn-out*
*Skip the costumes for the attendees (but let the vendors dress up and entertain)*

J. Leigh Events creates Halloween office parties to bring everyone together for fun and fright. If you’re looking for more Halloween tips, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

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